When it’s time to have your property valued, knowing who to trust is often the difference between the settlement you seek, and the settlement you settle for. Jason Field is worthy of your trust.



These days it can happen to anyone. Some government authority suddenly gets in touch to announce they’re acquiring your property whether you like it or not.

It could be your business property, a family home or a beloved retreat that’s been in your family for generations.

Out of the blue Allan was advised by Roads and Maritime Services that his business property had to make way for WestConnex. They briefed him on his rights and obligations, told him what they were prepared to pay, and that for all intents and purposes could have been the end of the matter. But it wasn’t, not by a long chalk.

Allan sought advice from his legal team and they strongly advised him to get Jason Field on his side. Jason is a property valuation expert with an outstanding record of success in negotiating fair prices for clients facing compulsory property resumption and acquisition issues.

Upon engagement by Allan, he immediately implemented his comprehensive valuation procedure. He inspected the property, identified a fair market value through detailed research and analysis, and submitted a full valuation report to Allan.

Jason’s valuation was higher than the one originally offered by Roads and Maritime Services but it was accepted in full at arbitration. R&MS decided that Jason’s valuation was fair and reasonable and accepted his argument.

Jason had convinced them to pay $160,000 more for the property than they had originally offered.

Allan said he could not have been more impressed. Engaging Jason he opined was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

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In a separate matter, Glenn was suddenly notified by NSW Health that they were compulsorily acquiring his property to make way for extensions to Randwick Hospital.

He was shocked, devastated and ropable in the extreme that his dream home in Randwick was being summarily snatched away. Then he dedicated himself to extracting the best possible price from NSW Health.

He consulted colleagues in the property business and also legal counsel about the best expertise in property valuation to have on his side. Jason Field was the unanimous choice.

When he met Jason he was immediately impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He had intended to check out other property valuers but meeting Jason convinced him it wasn’t necessary.


Jason prepared for the arbitration meeting with NSW Health in his usual assiduous manner. His valuation was considerably higher than the sum they had offered. Glenn reports that he gave a very impressive and assured presentation and as a result the price he received for his property represented a $300,000 increase over the original NSW Health offer.

Glenn was ecstatic. “I was fortunate to have the number one expert in property valuation on my side,” he commented.

He recommended Jason to his neighbours in the same street who were facing similar compulsory acquisitions of their property.

Jason has built a peerless reputation because he always goes the extra mile on behalf of his clients. This dedication has proved an invaluable asset for all his clients but has been of especial reassurance to those facing the trauma of a compulsory purchase of their properties.

He inspects properties down to the slightest detail, and carries out exhaustive searches of property history and current markets. This research and attention to detail goes well beyond what is normally required. He is highly respected for the quality of his reports and submissions, and also for the accuracy, rationale and logic of his valuations.

He is an expert on the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991 and on payments arising from incremental compensation matters. He is a very impressive mediator, presenter and expert witness.

Glenn revealed yet another sound reason why Jason proved such good value. His fees were paid in full by NSW Health.

If your property is subject to compulsory acquisition the very best step you can take is getting Jason on your case.

Jason’s valuations almost invariably result in gaining fairer prices for compulsory property acquisitions than the ones that are originally offered.

He can also be contacted at jason@npvnsw.com.au or at www.nationalpropertyvaluersnsw.com.au.



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