Swift used facial recognition cameras to judge her audience, prepares coup d’éTay

According to Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift implemented the use of facial recognition software to identify stalkers at a recent concert. She didn’t inform them of this fact.



Taylor Swift‘s crusade against haters, exes and the lovelorn has been well established. But while Tay may leave a blank space and etch your name, she’ll also surreptitiously take your photo at her concert and cross-reference it against a database. According to According to Rolling Stone, a clip of her Rose Bowl performance shows a slew of hidden cameras snapping many images, eventually transferring them back to a dank room in Nashville. The images were taken in the aid of identifying the musician’s known stalkers against an existing database of.

Crucially, the organisers of the event didn’t inform ticket holders that this would happen.

Apparently, the move was enabled by a man named Roger Alvarado, who broke into Tay’s New York townhouse and slept in her bed. Which is unsettling, but also, #notallTayfans.



Alvarado previously attempted to break in with a shovel earlier in the year. Which, considering the act, maybe it’s fair. But, Tay, I’m a fan. I’m not a stalker. Why did you take my photo? Can we meet and talk it out? I’m not like them, really.

According to those who implemented the system, it’s actually quite easy, as “…everybody who went by (the cameras) would stop and stare at it, and the software would start working,” said Mike Downing, chief security officer of Oak View Group, an advisory board for concert venues. Downing sounds like a kind of dude that would have a gun on his ankle, and pieces of paper stuck in his door jam.

But, let us shake off the assumption that Swift is the forerunner in this technology, as ticket-demigods Ticketmaster has also shown great interest in a start-up that claims it can identify people walking past their tech in half a second. Apparently, the ticketing empire wants to use it to speed us more quickly through the gate. Sure, Jan.

“It holds a lot of promise,” said Justin Burleigh, Ticketmaster’s chief product officer. “We’re just being very careful about where and how we implement it.”

Hmm. Colour me in paranoid yellow. I don’t want to fly off the handle here, but someone holding the power to decide who is wrong and who isn’t, backed by a mass of unquestioning fanatics should raise the reddest of flags. At the time of writing, Tay has 83.71 million followers, which roughly represents the population of Canada, with Australia thrown in. I’m not accusing her of wrongdoing, but I’m saying that our fear is misplaced. We’re fearing the rise of Islamic State, or Nuevo White Supremacists, because they’re fanatics, only following the bars of their truculent creed.

Now, I’m not saying Swift is that, because I don’t want to be publically dragged/hung, but as she said in one of her songs: “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

I mean, I’m not saying that she will, but a coup d’éTay is a certain possibility. I mean, if Taylor rises to power, it’d probably be on a platform of eliminating the “liars and the dirty, dirty cheats in the world”, and honestly, who wouldn’t be down with that sick beat?

There are dangers in this preamble, of course, as the last person who judged people on the basis of intelligence they made was the original country icon-turned-mega star, Joseph Stalin.

Worth mentioning that he was also the originator of the “blank space” concept, as illustrated below:


…and the haters gon’ hate hate hate hate hate hate hate.



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