Security bees and sunflower sensors: The drones guarding the gardens of the rich

Over in California, the rich are now protected by robo-sunflowers and bees with security cameras attached to them. Fortunately, the company said they weren’t going to use our data for ill. Should be fine.



The very near future that paranoid Hollywood warned us about is almost here. The state of California has granted the well-heeled the ability to have their houses guarded by sunflowers and bees. Which, I admit, sounds like the ramblings of an earthy influencer with an aligned chi, but in reality, they’re teensy tiny robots sworn to protect you.

According to The Verge, the company in question are now selling sensors that detect the vibrations caused by nearby intruders’ footsteps (masquerading as a sunflower) and drones that autonomously capture intruders on films (which look like a bee). Wow, it sounds as dystopian as it does expensive. Can you afford it? Of course, you cannot.

But, it matters not. It is (like all matters of invasive surveillance), barely legal.

In the US, the regulations surrounding drone flight are quite sticky. You certainly can’t fly over people against their knowledge. In your yard, it’s all perfectly fine. They’re like guns. Not the best in schools, or in public, but on one’s own land, boy howdy why not.

Every new piece of technology provokes us to think of the mistakes the old have already made. I mean, one could easily point to that time smart home speakers eavesdropping, or the internet of things turning against us, or, typically, our private data being pinched. But this is surely not that, right?

The Verge put this point to the company that has developed the tech, after they discovered that the company in question send their video footage to the cloud, so third-parties can access it. Sunflower Labs made it clear that they’re not interested in selling the data of their users. I’ll just insert this image of Lord Zucc without further context.



Let’s trust this tech. It’s nothing like those iRobot’s Roombas that are mapping your houses, they’re here for your protection. They’re here to make our lives easier, they’re doing jobs we don’t want to do.

It’ll probably be fine.



It’s fine.




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