Bill Shorten may well be the next Prime Minister of Australia. But in his credentials, and everything else, he comes up short.



Little Billy “Short-on” Shorten reminds me of a little boy in a school uniform. Listen the next time he’s answering a question and is particularly nervous. His legs may shake to an audible degree. But more importantly, watch his face. It’s a giveaway. In this state, he often stumbles over the formation of sentences. Watch. His brow grimaces, and his head sways to the side as if hiding behind the sucker. It’s then that he waffles on about Morrison this, or Turnbull that, Liberal this, or Liberal that.

“Can the Turnbull, Morrison Government be serious about giving away millions to big business? Frankly, it’s atrocious! What about the fiasco this Government is in! Surely, they can’t be serious…etc.”

It’s like a broken record going on and on and on and on.

Just turn the volume off when he’s speaking and watch. It’s not hard to imagine an off-key violin playing behind his whinging.

When asked a question, he usually does his best not to answer it. True “most politicians do that” I hear you say, and sadly you’re right. But Short-on is really good at it. Again, he repeats himself, over and over and over. Watch as his eyes shift about.

He pretends to be squeaky clean about his involvement in unions. He’s not. If Short-on becomes PM, watch the power of the unions rise in Australia. Remember, he was that union guy who helped pull the miners out in Tasmania. Good on him!

But what else has he done?

He tries to suck up to big business, the very businesses he often goes out of his way to condemn.

How long will it be before People Smugglers are back in business? I give it about six months. That is, unless he retains the Liberal policies. No matter what your position on this issue you’d have to admit, Liberals have stuck to their guns on this matter.

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How many people has he employed? How many businesses has he built? Not one. In fact, surprise…he has never had a real job! Now he wants you to give him arguably Australia’s most important job as our PM. What’s funny, or maybe it’s just plain sad, you probably will.

Mind you, the dumping of Turnbull by the Liberals has probably handed it to him on a platter regardless. Not because Turnbull was any great cop, but because again the Liberal Party has imploded just when it mattered most. Over many decades, history has shown the worst enemy of The Liberal Party, has been The Liberal Party.

My best advice Shorten, is to “say and do nothing until the next Federal election and you’ll win!”

Does he deserve the win? Probably not! Although he does talk a lot and some people are impressed by that. And, his recent make-over and the purchase of new suites that fit him have made him look a little better.

But let’s face it, Short-on is probably just a bloke in the right place at the right time, like a kind of “Steven Bradbury PM”.

“A win is a win,” I hear you say. True. But in this case, this win will be to the detriment of our country.

Scary, but he could actually become the next PM of Australia. Imagine Short-on representing Australia, marching with international leaders. Security guards will always be asking the little guy in shorts to move on.

Maybe, to quote the old Labor Party slogan, “it’s time.” Which suddenly sounds very apt again now! Yep, perhaps it’s time to leave the country. Under Labor, Australia will dive into extreme economic uncertainty and as history has proven time and time again, under Labor Debt will rise and rise.

If Short-on does get in, sometime down the track when he promises you something just ask yourself: “Where’s he getting the money for that?” …and then, look in the mirror for the answer.

But before we all fall on a sword, let’s realise that right now almost every aspect of our economy and political management is going well under the Federal Liberal Government. This truth makes the fact that they will probably be voted out at the next election quite a joke. Frankly, as a nation, it will make us look quite stupid. “Aussies? They even vote out Governments doing a good job!”

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So what kind of PM does Australia need in the future? What would make a good Australian leader? And I mean a leader, not a “middle ground” man or woman, and not a follower of minority fashion.

Well for a start, Australians (and indeed most politicians) will eventually have to learn the undeniable truth: that great leaders rarely win popularity contests. Great leaders make decisions not everyone agrees with. It’s not their job to be popular, it’s their job to lead (in this instance) for the betterment of the country.

It will take the “iron-fist” of a great leader to regain the trust of the Australia voter. And it will take a “soft-glove” from that same person, to demonstrate empathy and caring.

Australians want to trust their leader. They want their PM to be honest with them.

They admire someone who is a little self-deprecating and yet very well equipped to back his or her act, with fact.

Importantly they want someone they feel they can really talk to. A person who will take on board what they have to say and respond with clarity, focus and direct action.

This leader will also have the guts to stand up to those who make it their business to pull him or her down.

Here are a few thoughts a great leader applies to answering questions:

  1. clearly, answer the question;
  2. do so without immediately referring to the opposition;
  3. tell the average punter why you gave this answer, supporting it with simple, understandable, facts;
  4. tell the truth – don’t waffle;
  5. be forthright and don’t let left wing journalists, particularly those from the ABC bully you, or be rude to you –  no matter which political party you represent, you are the PM of Australia, and you deserve some respect;
  6. be human and tell people how you really feel.

If you know anyone who you think could become a great Australian leader, urge them to show their hand. We need them. Australia has always responded to strong leadership, like that of Hawke and Howard.

Hopefully, we’ll have someone new in that role again over the years ahead.


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