If there’s one thing we can be certain of in 2019, it’s that those in power have not a clue in what they’re doing.



To be sure. To be sure. Wouldn’t that be nice. Or maybe not. I’m not sure.

Then again…

Uncertainty. It’s one of the biggest words in our world today!

Imagine a world in which our political situation in Australia was more certain. Where we could vote a party in and they or their leader would stay for a while.

For example, as Billy Short-on approaches becoming our next PM (which I am not certain of), he should consider who in his ranks will be gunning for his job. After all, the polls are still showing him as the most “unpopular” PM option. Crazy eh!? On this, the virtual eve of his election, he is still unpopular! He’s gaining! But hey Shorten, nothing’s certain!

American politics is uncertain. Trump and the uncertainty of the archaic American political system! Who knows!?

And under American gun laws, where and when is the next USA massacre going to happen. Of course on that, we can’t be certain! What we can be certain of however, is it will happen. Probably by the end of January 2019, more Americans will die. Ironically killed by other Americans.

And English politics, in fact, the very future of the UK with or without Brexit, is very uncertain.

The trade agreement between the USA and China? Yep, uncertain.

There’s absolutely nothing certain about that fat little North Korean dictator. If you doubt that ask the family members he’s had killed.

And then there’s Mr Putin. If you were an ex-Russian spy you’d be uncertain about having tea with him. Even Russians are uncertain about his leadership. But they can’t be certain about speaking out, because It may be the last thing they say.

Then again, ask The Dutch about how certain they are that Putin had nothing to do with the bringing down of the MH17 passenger flight over Ukraine. It’s said, he just supplied “the lollies the children ate”.

The Australian economy, especially under Labor will be very uncertain! It’s certain to be in ruin very quickly, if they get in. “A certainty,” I hear you say! Yep, probably.

God forbid for a while there I was even uncertain about the strawberries I ate!

Even our weather is uncertain. Drought on one side of Australia, while in other parts they couldn’t extinguish the flames fast enough.

So, with all this uncertainty, what can we be certain of?

Well, we can be certain of friends and family. They continue to be my focus as we move into 2019.

As for the rest? We can only do what we can do.

Oh, despite what you think about the stupidity of Australians voting for Shorten, don’t be too mad at them. You can’t blame them totally. In fact, a good part of the blame rests on the stupidity of the Liberal Party.

Of that, I’m certain.


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