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Our politicians share what they want to see in 2019

The new year is here, and just like the rest of us, our politicians have high hopes for 2019. Here’s what they hope to accomplish in the coming year.



Anthony Albanese – Member for Grayndler and is currently the Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development and the Shadow Minister for Tourism:



“I’d like to see Labor win the federal election, so I can get rid of the “shadow” in front of my portfolio designation and be a part of a government that would address some of the big issues facing our nation, including traffic congestion, climate change and the need to boost economic development in regional Australia. On a personal level, my dream is to see more live music and to watch the mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs win the 2019 Rugby League premiership.”



Adam Bandt – Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens:



“More than anything, 2018 has demonstrated the gap between Parliament and the rest of Australia. Most politicians in Canberra are old men who live in echo chambers and push agendas that are totally out of step with the wishes and concerns of everyday Australians. Throughout 2018, our Parliament voted to entrench inequality by waving through enormous corporate tax cuts, refused to take real, enduring and effective action on climate change, undermined the liberty and privacy of every Australian by passing under-scrutinised, dangerous encryption legislation, and voted to maintain Australia’s cruel offshore detention regime.

In 2019, I hope to see a government that doesn’t just respect the intelligence of the Australian people, but acts to create the society that Australian people want; where we take action on climate change, reduce inequality, share opportunity and treat everyone fairly and with compassion. Our government in 2019 should focus on using the politics of hope and optimism to unite Australians, not the politics of fear and
division deployed by the current government to divide us.”



David Leyonhjelm – Liberal Democrats Senator:



“The change I’d most like to see in 2019 would be a seismic change in our tax system. We should reduce income tax to a flat rate of 20% while lifting the tax-free threshold to $40,000. We should reduce the company tax rate to 20% and abolish a whole raft of other taxes including the fuel tax, the alcohol tax and the tobacco tax. And we should abolish import tariffs. Each of these tax cuts was included in my Lower Tax Bill 2018 that I introduced to the Senate in December.

I’d also like to see a lot fewer Greens in the Senate.”



David Shoebridge – Greens NSW spokesperson for Forestry, Industrial Relations, Planning and Heritage, Firearms, Justice and Local Government:


“I hope that in 2019 we finally understand how everything is connected – how those standing up for social justice also stand up for the environment, for greater equality and for worker’s rights. We must recognise it is the same corporations that avoid paying their fair share of tax, who underpay workers and who pollute our air and clearfell our forests.

We are always stronger when we work together, and achieving a sustainable, fair and peaceful world will need as many of us as possible included in the challenge. I hope 2019 is when we finally realise our combined agenda isn’t a choice about people or the planet, it’s caring for both.”




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