Practifi: Why companies are moving from CRMs to business management platforms

Practifi CCO and Co-founder Adrian Johnstone explains why those who still rely on CRMs are being left behind. 



Adrian Johnstone, Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of Practifi, recently spoke to the Entrepreneur Podcast Network (EPN), where he went into depth about his company, what inspired its inception, and what the future holds for the financial advice and services industry as Practifi expands into the US market.

Practifi is the business management platform for the financial advice industry. It is an exciting alternative to traditional CRM systems and offers an end-to-end solution that revolutionises financial services businesses by enabling them to reach their full growth potential. With Practifi you can run your business on the cloud, automate your workflows, integrate the best tools and build the advice business you’ve always imagined.

Speaking with Eric Dye, founder of the EPN and eHealth Network, Adrian discussed how companies can leverage technology for growth, with a specific focus on the financial services sector.

Practifi has been making large steps in Australia and has recently gotten itself a toehold in the US with multiple clients already established in the market. Host Eric Dye asked Adrian why he thought so many companies need a business management platform (BMP) rather than a customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Adrian said there are many misconceptions about the technology.

“Customer relationship management software has been around since the 1970s,” he said.

“The base principal of it hasn’t really changed: what’s the relationship between the firm, and its customer?”


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The world’s technological revolution has shown that life itself has changed, as have our relationships and expectations, all thanks to technology’s impact and influence on our lives and society. From this, Adrian says that the overall business dynamic has changed significantly.

“Practifi as a business management platform is really connecting everything, from ‘How do you go and find customers?’, to ‘What do you manage the processes within your business?’ and the mechanics that really drive the value to be able to do what you do.”

According to Adrian, Practifi manages to achieve all of that, by doing the things that traditional software has been unable to do.

“We need to bring that together in and around the customer record, and then we need to give the business owners and managers access to the data.

“We need to make sure the system is helping them understand it and to read through it and to be able to report and drive their business hands-on. And that, of course is well beyond what a CRM would traditionally do.”

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