The curious case of Scott Morrison’s photoshopped shoes

In clearly the political scandal of 2019, Scott Morrison has harmed his chances for election through the application of heinous photoshopping.



Scott Morrison might be best known on the internet for his many hats, but did you know the current Prime Minister of Australia also possesses magic shoes?

For what earthly reason, the people in charge of this country decided that the shoes Scott Morrison wore for a photo shoot were not befitting a man of his position. So, instead of cropping the image, or you know, ignoring it, it was decided that the laziest photoshopping in recent history was the classiest way to improve the man seeking election.



I mean, putting aside the fact that it is a left shoe inserted on a right foot, this abomination not only passed approval, but exists on the PM’s official page.

The original image was printed in a piece on the Fiji Times, but for the sake of comparison, here it is below:


Image: @lukerhn


I mean, it’s barely news, I agree. Unless he’s attempting to latch onto the dank meme vote. If that’s the case, it’s already too late.




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