We get the message: Clive promises to send more texts

Clive Palmer has doubled down on his textual assault, promising to harangue the electorate with his unsolicited messages. You know what? In a time of political dithering, at least he’s predictable.



Australia’s premier performance artist/Bruce on the wane, Clive Palmer, has doubled down on his nonsense aesthetic. This time, the bug-drop-bear is the unsolicited textual badgering of the electorate. A badgering, Clive promises, will continue. “We’ll be running text messages as we get closer to the election because it’s a way of stimulating debate in our democracy,” he said.

The original bashing of one’s telephone garnered around 3,000 complaints, and had many wondering how Clive was able to make their hotlines bling. But that matters not. Clive, bless, is a man of action, even if it happens to be the wrong one. For whatever reason, he decided to paint himself on the walls of the nation, replete with a subtextual slight on the country he loves so.

Clive’s maxim obviously borrows from the Trumpian creed of restoring a place to its past glorious state. Clive doesn’t believe that Australia was ever that great, but he certainly believes we can be. It’s an inspiring message, slow-roasted in the crackling of objective chewed fat.


Source: ABC News


Clive, for all intents and purposes, is fairly harmless in the political realm, whether he manages to scale the top of the tree or not, is irrelevant. He’s never going to be PM, and he’s not going to rupture democracy. But he is a shining example of resolve, of believing in one’s truculent creed, regardless of the quality of. We seem to have a dearth of that in this country. Today, Scott Morrison reversed yesterday’s decision to make January 26 the national day, stating that January 25 would also work too. Even the most extreme, Hello Pauline, have betrayed their base to do the entertain the ‘politician’ thing. Fundamentally, our elected officials make up their minds, but they make it up both ways.

Clive doesn’t do that. He’ll ride the bomb to the bitter end, copyright or logic be damned, and for that, he’s strangely commendable. Even if it’s a similar level of respect we grant to those who game the system for their own gain, or successfully argue their way out of a parking ticket on appeal. He’s the personal manifestation of the millennial dismissal “you do you”, he’s doing him, even if we don’t care for it.



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