iFLYflat: Going flat out for business

Flying business class is often only in the reach of larger enterprises. Thanks to iFLYflat, small and medium executives can soar in complete comfort. 



Senior executives in small and medium businesses who can only afford economy class fares to fly internationally now have a choice.

They can still fly economy class.

  • a seat around 18 inches wide;
  • about 30 inches of leg-room;
  • suffer sleep deprivation;
  • arrive below par.


Or, for around the same price, they can fly business class.

  • a seat around 22 inches wide;
  • at least double the leg-room;
  • sleep on a two-metre bed;
  • arrive in great shape.


If you would prefer to fly business class you simply have to join iFLYflat’s very happy group of business clients.

They act as your points consultant; they advise which credit cards to use for your business expenses consistent with gaining maximum benefit on the international routes you fly most often. Your credit cards can rack up points by paying expenses like PAYG, suppliers and rent. They also act as your travel agent. They use a combination of credit card points and frequent flyer points to secure business class travel at around economy class rates.

They have unique expertise at navigating the maze of airlines and credit cards to identify the best possible deals.

No wonder they refer to Steve Hui, the founder and CEO of the business, as “The Points Whisperer”.

If flying economy class internationally leaves you feeling flat on arrival you need to fly flat instead.

You can begin the process of realising the hidden travel value in your business by contacting Steve through [email protected] or calling him direct on (02) 9258 1115.


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