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Dr Sam Kovac: Spending an Australia Day to remember for Sydney’s dogs

To celebrate Australia Day, the Southern Cross Veterinary clinic supports a beach day for the hounds of the Eastern Suburbs. Here’s how you and your best buddy can get involved!



Dr Sam Kovac, who runs Southern Cross Veterinary clinic, is supporting Australia Day activities for the pooches of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Considering that the temperature is expected to be high, Dr Sam plans to spend the first part of his day with his corgi’s at a local beach, an ideal activity for many pet lovers and their fur baby BFFs. Dr Sam believes gathering as a community during public holidays is important, saying “as a corgi aficionado, any chance I can get to spend with the stubby little creatures makes me happy. I’m in my element when I’m rumbling around with corgis.”



Southern Cross Vets will also be taking part in the Australia Day Stand Up Paddling Race. Held at Watsons Bay at 7.30am Australia Day (and led by Watsons Bay Stand Up Paddling), the every man and his dog event will see several events where participants and their dogs compete together. The event will be in its fifth year, seeing dog owners, elite athletes and the broader community come together to celebrate Australia Day and enjoy the sport of stand up paddling.

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic aims to support community events that underpin the unique fabric that forms Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic have fast become the go-to clinic for not only the residents around their St Peters and Bellevue Hill locations, but have also discovered that pet owners from all over Sydney will visit one of the clinics, based on their reputation and earnest passion for that special member of their family.

Dr Sam is committed to continuing taking part in such events, saying “we see engaging with the community as vital, so if clients can interact with our doctors and nurses on a social level, it builds trust and rapport that is important for a professional relationship. Our presence at events like these is great for animal welfare as we can provide veterinary advice for issues that owners may not especially make a vet appointment for.”

You can learn more about Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic’s innovative technologies which are leading the way for safe and effective procedures, as well as their broad range of pet care services.


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