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Matthew Flinders returns from the grave to doubt ScoMo

This morning, Matthew Flinders was found, and was found to have some strong words for Scott Morrison’s plan to honour Captain Cook.




Earlier this week, Scott Morrison announced the rebirth of the Endeavour, a retelling of Captain Cook’s voyage in 1770, replete with a circumnavigation around the continent.

The problem is, is that Cook never did that journey. This fact has been illustrated this morning by the man that originally accomplished the feat, Matthew Flinders, who has been found by archaeologists under a London train station.

Flinders was particularly irritated by the Morrison government’s planned honouring of Captain James Cook, telling the assembled media, “Y’all been sleepin’ on me, y’all killed Flinders and let Cook live, streets is done.”

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten was the first to react, announcing a tax-payer funded circumnavigation that would honour “the right person that Australians should be celebrating on January 26.”




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