US senate votes to not work, 800,000 employees go without

With the failure of this morning’s vote, the US government remains shut down. As a direct result, 800,000 government workers will again miss out on a paycheck. 



Well, they’re not going back to work. Falling well short of the sixty votes needed, the US Senate shot down both the Republican legislation (that will build the wall/deport undocumented migrants) and the Democratic bill to reopen the government until February 8. The shutdown is now the longest in US history.

So, they’re fools, morons and clucking geese.

Today’s lack of vote means that 800,000 federal workers will miss another payday. The day previous, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross (himself a multi-millionaire) questioned why unpaid workers have been visiting food banks, wondering why they wouldn’t just visit the bank for a loan.



Further that note, former White House chief of staff John Kelly wrote the president, calling for Donald to refund the Department of Homeland Security, stating that it was “unconscionable” that they’d work on matters of national security, but do so for free. The letter said: “DHS employees who protect the travelling public, investigate and counter-terrorism and protect critical infrastructure should not have to rely on the charitable generosity of others for assistance in feeding their families and paying their bills.”

Which, pardon the editorialising, speaks greatly to the paranoid American psyche. The regular workers, meh. Those who protect the borders from the imagined thousandfold immigrant hordes with Kalashnikovs and weaponised weirdo traditions, pay those people now. If not everyone else, then those people. We cannot let the fence down for one second. Not even for the sake of the wall. Jesus.

Back to the vote itself, only one Democrat voted for the Republican wall plan. Whereas six Republicans voted for the Democrat measure to get back to business. Simply put, we’re a long way from the general everyday insanity of the American gubernatorial system we’re all used to.

Silver linings, and that.



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