No deal, no love: Trump supporters turn on him over wall

Today, we’ve witnessed something special, as the supporters of Donald Trump have finally turned on him, excoriating his pointless government shut down.



Ever since Donald won the election, we’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop. We’ve thrown around the word “impeachment” so many times that it has lost all meaning. We’ve marvelled at each bizarre appointment and swift resignation, each negative tweet and each piss-poor soundbyte, believing that today is the day when the fiddler finally torches Rome for good.

But, thus far, he’s been Teflon coated. The crazier he’s been, the stronger his base becomes. Except for today. Today may very well be the day, as Donald’s soft capitulation to the Democrats over the government shutdown (and no money for the wall) may have finally dropped a steaming pile of reality into the breakfast logs of the MAGA crowd.



Very simply put: He lost, he got nothing. Good day, sir. 

For the critics of Trump, it’s just another day in paradise, as his rolling failures merely embolden our predispositions. However, to those who voted for him (and his wall), he’s suddenly morphed into what they’ve always mocked in unison with him: a cuck, a victim of the government. The below image depicts the hurt feelings of the triumvirate of Donald’s base: The Republicans, The MAGA set and the alt-right crowd. The through line is obvious: Donald did them dirty.




That may be a cherry-picked example, but Twitter is awash with similar examples. Simply put, Donald’s crowd has not been cut this deep since last week’s razor commercial.



The difference lies in perception, namely ours of him. As our chief political analyst put it, “Donald Trump has utterly lost his base. He cucked hard. It’s one of the least understood aspects of his personality, he’s actually quite the pushover. Not like (Nancy) Pelosi, who couldn’t give two fucks about her constituency getting screwed without pay and food-stamps: she wasn’t giving an inch. The truth is that Trump backed because he actually cares what people think.”

As for what’s next, who knows. But certainly, consider today as the first piece of flint sparked by both hands of the US electorate.

Fiddle on, Donny.




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