Finger lickin’ mood: KFC debuts a burger with cheetohs on it

For whatever reason, KFC in America is now selling a burger that sports cheetohs and a cheetoh based sauce. Flights are reasonably priced.



There’s a certain tingle that shoots up my leg when I read the words “KFC’s cheetoh chicken sandwich”. While it certainly may be the overture of diabetes (and the future loss of foot), it is certainly betrayal, and those insane characters from Kentucky have stolen my life’s work. I know it’s irrelevant, and I know you don’t care, but the 11-year-old chunky me was experimenting with Zingers and cheese-based chips since way back, and now they’ve pinched it. Alexander Clucking Bell.

Nevertheless, here it is. Tremble at its terrible orange glow-ry.




However, the good colonel has not merely just thrashed some chips on a bun, lord no. He’s developed a ‘cheetoh-based sauce’ that also covers the chicken, and sweet jebus, I’m horrified and enthralled in the same measure. Also, just to ensure that you’re going to perish, and quickly, the mad hands of Sanders’ kitchen have opted for a complete lack of salad, because fuck salad.

Fortunately, this piece of fresh hell is solely available in the wilds of North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. Which, and I’m just throwing this out there, one-way flights to those destinations from Sydney are $1,253, $1,168 and $1,208 respectively.

Just sayin’


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