REO Group: A new dimension to the give and take of business

The REO Group’s new enterprise is powered by a single idea – what if the world of business was able to give back everytime they achieved an outcome? 



B1G1 is an international organisation based in Singapore that is driven by the power of a single idea.

They believe that every business transaction should generate revenue towards making the world a better place even if it’s only one or two cents.

The idea has already attracted hundreds of companies worldwide to sign on as B1G1 members and co-operate with them on thousands of projects. It especially offers opportunities for small and medium businesses to make a big difference through small contributions from the revenue accruing from each transaction.

Stella Petrou Concha, the enterprising Co-founder and CEO of the REO Group, believes the unique power of the “Buy 1 Give 1” concept derives not only from its potential to make the world a better place but also from its propensity to change the culture of the business organisations that embrace it.

The REO Group is a leading Sydney recruitment agency and consultancy in the finance sector. Its mission is “elevating human potential”.

In determining the corporate social responsibility project best suited to the REO Group, Stella studied the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and selected “quality education” as the one most closely aligned with their mission.

She registered her organisation as a member of B1G1 and in consultation with them decided to commit to supporting the Dot Com Mob’s programme in Central Australia which provides educational resources for underprivileged kids where none have previously existed.

Every time the REO Group places a candidate in a job a bell rings in their office. This not only marks a business success but also sends a message to staff that directly, as a result, their efforts underprivileged kids in the outback will once again benefit from greater access to the Dot Com Mob’s Knowledge and Technology Centres.

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REO staff have also been greatly encouraged by the news that in areas where the centres have been established the incidence of petrol sniffing among local kids has decreased by ninety-two percent.

The essential difference about the B1G1 concept is that contributions to projects derive directly from individual transactions. So when REO Group staff members contribute to a successful business outcome they not only enjoy the achievement but also the sense of satisfaction that comes from making a difference to the lives of underprivileged kids. The B1G1 effect runs right through the business.

Stella has no doubt that participation in the B1G1 project has improved both the culture and the capability of her business.

Association with a B1G1 project can transform a brand or corporate image and even improve business prospects, but most of all it can have a dramatic effect on staff motivation. Their job satisfaction grows and their lives acquire a sense of purpose that’s previously been lacking.

They start to take ownership of the project and sometimes even gain support from clients.

B1G1 guarantees to pass on every cent of the money raised by its corporate members to the causes they support. All B1G1 operating costs are funded independently.

They believe the potential of their concept is boundless and perhaps sometime in the future every business transaction in the world will generate revenue to help make it a better place.

Taking into account the interests of all the stakeholders in a business transaction, Stella’s view is that doing it the “Buy 1 Give 1” way arguably offers the best chance of a satisfactory outcome all round.



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