Virtual reality office space a virtual reality

Good news! Bosses of the present day already believe that working 40 hours a week in virtual reality is the future. Sure, guys.



Your average office is a visceral, awful place. One of smells, odours, and most odious of all, actual interpersonal relationships. However an alternative does exist, and its mail gets sent to the land of make-believe reality. Or, to put it a far worse way, “…it’s like Skype meets the Empire State Building,” said Andy Maggio, a former Morgan Stanley analyst who now works for the company that created this virtual monster.

In Maggio’s view, many people could share a space in VR, collaborating on the same or different screens. Theoretically, an individual person could virtually dive into a 3D graph to analyze data while another prepared a presentation. I mean, it sounds exciting. The cutting edge of modern technology enabling something as archaic as a Powerpoint presentation.

But no matter, because another mind in the biz has another hopeful comparison.

The Glimpse Group president and CEO Lyron Bentovim told Futurism that he envisions that he sees it as “Snow Crash” meets “Dilbert.” Believing that people could blink in and out of offices or an unlimited number of rooms in any one workday.

But back to Mr Maggio. While he admitted to Futurism that he was comfortable using the machine for about 90 minutes at the moment, he could envision people spending an entire 40-hour work week in VR, once everything is up to spec.

I mean, sure. But our cubicle seems claustrophobic enough in current year, it has me wondering if our allowed space is now moving into the realms of fiction. I have but one question. If we’re giving up our freedom, can you at least allow us to all have our own individual virtual kitchen? We earned that concession, surely.



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