Imagine the convenience of having someone at your beck and call, 24 hours a day, who never forgets to make follow-up emails with potential clients.


That’s what tools like MailChimp or Active Campaign can do for you. Your potential customer need only complete a form in exchange for the lead magnet and then they’re automatically placed in your email list, where they’ll ultimately decide whether or not to do business with you. It’s not as much work as you’d think to set up your own automated nurturing and sales email sequence, but sometimes you need a bit of help to get started.

Your email sequence shouldn’t be like a sales pitch. 

This is your chance to not only talk about your company and your products, but also offer useful and interesting content in your lead to draw them in. Customers can find your sales and products when they get into your store, but if they want to receive your emails, it’s because they think they will be beneficial in some way. If you can achieve this, it’ll help create a positive attitude towards your business.

Empower your potential customer.

Your automated emails should be customer-centred and create an ‘emotional connection’. Make sure your emails are personalised and helpful to that specific customer- otherwise you’ll lose their interest. Content and benefits are key: use that to drive up your conversion rate.

Be aware of different triggers. 

You have a number of different reasons to send your customers an email. First up is introducing the company, but beyond that, following up on an abandoned cart, offering content to a specific problem they’re having, directing them to an after sales page for further service… the opportunities are almost endless. Work out all the reasons your business may require a follow up. What emails would make sense for recently converted leads? What about after they make their first purchase? Make a list and write out all the emails that can be sent automatically to fit in with your customers’ situations.

Review the performance of your automated emails on regular basis. 

Maybe your email strategy is perfect already, but the chances are, you’ve probably got some flaws you could improve over time. Regular analysis can show you how well your emails perform and can help you improve them as you go. Make the most out of your automated nurturing and sales email sequence and most importantly, use the data to help your decisions in the future.

Don’t make the content too narrow. 

Just because your customer downloaded one element of your business offering doesn’t mean they’re not interested in others. Don’t limit yourself: Are you only interested in one topic, or do you operate across a number of different fields?  Think about other areas that are probably also within the area of interest of your lead.  Someone interested in social media marketing might also want to know more about lead generation and customer complaint management.  The more topics you offer, the less chance you’ll lose your leads interest.

Ask your customers what they’d like to read about.

You can assume your lead has some interest in your product- otherwise they wouldn’t have clicked in the first place- but everything beyond that is uncertain. Further emails can find out their other interests or challenges they may be facing which you could potentially help them solve. If you continue to follow up, you can personally solve many of their problems and see your sales go through the roof at the same time. After all: It never hurts to ask.

Converting leads into sales isn’t easy but as you can see, there are several ways you can make it work. Automated nurturing and sales email sequences are one good way to improve your sales without spending too much time on it.  Well prepared and regularly reviewed, email sequences drive and more importantly, keep customers in your sales pool.

Have you already worked with email sequences? Your Digital Marketing Agency partner or Marketing Consultant should be helping you set this lead nurture funnel up using digital best practice insights as described in this article. How have your experiences been so far?  I’m curious about what you have to say about this topic so FB DM me on or email me on



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