Morfus: The new online fitness marketplace that is a perfect fit for personal trainers

Morfus is changing the game for personal trainers, ensuring that the business side of their product keeps hitting personal bests.



Deborah Goldberg knows only too well how setting up and managing a business can be a challenging exercise for personal trainers.

She was the driving force behind Zumba’s success in Australia and knows the fitness industry from head to toe-touching.

She has an impressive record in developing software products that have enhanced interest and involvement in fitness initiatives and made significant contributions to the industry’s development.

For those like her who love the exhilaration of exercise and derive enormous satisfaction from training others to love it too, there is simply no other career that delivers the same fulfilment as personal training.

There’s nothing that gives them greater joy than dispensing fitness in a park, on the beach or in a gym.

However, no-one understands better than Deborah that a personal trainer’s job is not all whoopee, wellness and weight loss.

Having worked hard for a degree or diploma, personal trainers have to commit to sustaining the highest levels of personal fitness, honing their interpersonal and training skills and becoming an expert in analysing and meeting the individual needs of each client. And in addition, they have to manage the business.

The job demands early starts and late finishes and involves training clients whose avoirdupois is difficult to dislodge and who tend not to turn up if it’s raining.

The last thing personal trainers feel like doing after a strenuous day is making bookings, recruiting new clients and chasing creditors.

So Deborah has decided to lend a hand.

She has assembled a team of fitness industry experts to help create Morfus, a global online fitness marketplace. It is tailored to meet the everyday needs of personal trainers and their clients by providing them with a streamlined client marketing, booking and payment service.

Morfus helps personal trainers manage their business and their lives more efficiently. It promotes them to their local market, takes bookings from clients and provides a convenient payment system.

To avail themselves of this service personal trainers can simply go to and register on the web app free of charge. Morfus retains just 10% of client payments made through the system.

Morfus will be strongly promoted as the platform where potential clients can identify personal trainers who meet their needs for location, timing and specialist expertise.

The platform also has the capacity to lend a national and even international dimension to trainer operations. It also offers great benefits especially to personal trainer start-ups by becoming integral to their business operations right from launch.

In an age where mobile technology is increasingly becoming the source for services like shopping, transport and dating, the introduction of Morfus now adds personal training to that list. It is absolutely client mobile friendly.

The inimitable Deborah Goldberg flair, energy and get-up-and-go is now fully focused on ensuring that Morfus provides the marketing, booking and payment support system that will make the careers and lives of personal trainers so much easier and provide them with greater numbers of satisfied clients.

In fact it will make their businesses as fit as their clients.

To gain the power of Morfus to support your business simply go to to learn more and sign up free of charge.




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