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US startup creates beanless coffee, asks 40 cents a cup

According to one startup, the future of coffee is beanless. Offering a product that won’t impact the environment…or your wallet.



Whether you accept it or not, the world’s supply of coffee is going to run out within our lifetime. Estimations differ, but we’re looking at 2080 as the rough date for our Coffapocalypse. There is help on the horizon, however, as one Seattle-based startup has managed to mimic coffee without ever planting a bean.

Atomo, the company in question, believe they’ve identified the compounds that represent the body, feel, aroma, and colour of coffee. From there, they’ve built a product made out of entirely sustainable stuff. According to their Kickstarter page, it is “the smoothest coffee you’ve ever had – with a caffeine kick you’d expect.”

It’s a particularly decent idea, as the international machinations that enable your morning cup of joe is a pile of awful.

Aside from it being a completely unsustainable medium, there’s the looming suspicion of slavery, as the biggest of the big, are starting to admit their actions in that particular field. If slavery or sustainability isn’t a thing, there’s the cost to the customer, as we coffee snob Australians freely pay $5 a pop. Atomo’s asking price? 40 cents.