The innovative minds of Kerb have not gone unnoticed, as they’re now heading to Japan to discuss their technology with one the world’s premier manufacturers.



Kerb is leading a popular revolution in parking.

This dynamic new organisation has created an app and online platform that enables anyone with a spare garage, a driveway, a shed or just some spare space to register it as a parking space for hire. Over 60,000 users in Australia have already signed up to this breakthrough idea.

Furthermore, the Kerb app enables drivers to rent those parking spaces at rates that are a fraction of those charged by parking stations.

This dynamic new Australian organisation has created a brilliant solution to the parking crisis that’s progressively paralysing the world. Ireland, Italy, Malta, Kenya, Tanzania, the Netherlands and the UK have all pulled over to the Kerb.

This spectacular success story caught the attention of Toyota, who invited Kerb to enter a team in their first-ever Hackathon which took place in Melbourne during the first week in February.

The challenge for teams competing in the Hackathon was to develop a product, service or concept that enhanced the in-car experience for drivers of Toyota vehicles.

Teams from EatClub, R/GA, Cricket Australia, Finch, Intelematics and Kerb were given thirty hours to prepare a Hackathon entry for the judges.

The Kerb team worked thirty hours straight right through the night and came up with the winning entry.


Their brainchild successfully integrated with Toyota’s SDL head units to enable Toyota drivers to rent parking spots from Kerb providers direct from their vehicles. The Kerb team’s breakthrough concept also enabled booking information to be retrieved, payments to be made to space providers, directions to be given to parking locations and garage doors and boom-gates to be opened automatically upon arrival.

And so the triumphant Kerb team produced another yet dimension to their organisation’s convincing response to the daily driver dilemma “where the hell am I going to park in an area where there’s heavy traffic and parking stations charge almost as much as they do for seats at the Super Bowl?”.

The winning entry was adjudged to have superior commercial viability and the Kerb team were praised for demonstrating outstanding presentation skills and problem-solving ability.

They were thrilled to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Tokyo where they will discuss with Toyota prospects for the adoption of their breakthrough development as a standard feature in their vehicles.

It opens up, in addition, a wealth of future commercial partnership and investment opportunities for Kerb.

If you own any spare space that could accommodate a car and would appreciate some extra cash to put towards your next holiday or buying something for the house, simply register on the website as a Kerb space provider. Alternatively, you can register via a link to your Facebook log-in. You’ll find it super easy and your space will be listed instantly on the app that drivers use for booking.

Payment is made directly through the Kerb platform where a 20% service fee is retained.

It’s just as easy to join the burgeoning numbers of Kerb space renters by registering on the website and sourcing the Kerb App to go on your smartphone. This lists all available spaces and attractive parking rates at your desired location and then all you have to do is make a choice, book and pay.

Whether provider or renter, you can enter the world of 21st-century parking simply by going to

You’ll soon get the same sort of winning feeling about Kerb as they did at Toyota.

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