The last time our government was hacked, it was one of us

As Scott Morrison remains tight-lipped about the source of the government breach, Twitter has speculated the origin of the hack.



As Scott Morrison has just announced, both arms of our government were subject to a cyber attack by a “significant state actor”.

The entirety of the statement is below:



According to Fairfax, it may be of Chinese origin, or at least, masquerading as an attack of Chinese origin, stating that “the attack is understood to carry the digital fingerprints of China, though authorities are concerned that another state could be replicating the hallmarks of Chinese intelligence to deflect blame towards them…only four nations are thought to be capable of such a high-level attack: China, Russia, Israel and the United States.”

At the time of writing, not a lot is known, but Twitter has moved quickly in an effort to fill in the gaps. Most fingers are currently pointed at China (over the Huawei 5G ban, or the expulsion of billionaire Huang Xiangmo), Russia (because Russia), or the whether the hack itself is legitimate, or misinformation authored in Canberra.

It’s probably worth mentioning the last notable instance of a government hack prior to an election was actually performed by The Age in 2011, days before the Victorian state election to apparently search the records of voters’ private dealings with the party, and particularly, who had issues with the topic of abortion. Whether it was a legitimate hack or above-board journalism, is up for debate, but it is definitely worth a revisit, and worth keeping in mind.

However, going off the official line uttered by Morrison: “let me be clear, there is no evidence of electoral interference”.

Watch this space.



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