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Reddit pitches the flat-earth reality show we all want to see

Skirting the border of genius and insanity, the good people of Reddit have decided that we need to allow the flat-earth mob into our loungerooms. 



As the old internet adage goes, let them fight you cowards. Over on Reddit, they’ve taken a certain amount of umbrage with the flat-earth set, so much so, that they’ve actually come up with a decent idea:



I mean, if you think about it, it’s certainly watchable. I’d imagine it’d be something close to The Amazing Race and Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain. Just substitute the tasty treats with even tastier morsels of objective truth.

But, like every reality program, we must understand the participants before we mock the participants. To that end, flat earthers believe that the entirety of the globe (other than not being round) is held in check by a giant wall of ice. Per Mattzstar on Reddit, “…beyond the ice wall is a topic of great interest to the Flat Earth Society. To our knowledge, no one has been very far past the ice wall and returned to tell of their journey. What we do know is that it encircles the earth and serves to hold in our oceans and helps protect us from whatever lies beyond.”

Hilariously, notable internet ponderers Big Think also weighed in, stating “…your basic flat earth belief kit often stems from biblical references, such as one, apparently, that mentions a giant tree that’s supposedly visible from all corners of the Earth — at its “farthest bounds.” If the planet was spherical this would not be possible while a flat Earth allows for such a scenario. Other beliefs that go along with this include claiming that gravity isn’t real and that a Game of Thrones-like wall of ice surrounds the rim of the disc-like Earth. This wall is Antarctica while the Arctic Circle is the disc’s centre. If you went over the wall, you would fall into outer space or end up on an infinite plane. But, as the Flat Earth Society site admits, “To our knowledge, no one has been very far past the ice wall and returned to tell of their journey.””


That all sounds great, but as long as gravity hits them harder than this, I’m sold.