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Measles send gift baskets to Hollywood elite

In a surprise move, the measles are trying to make nice with Hollywood, so they’ve sent some of their greatest critics a free basket of what they’re about.



In an unprecedented move this week, Measles has reportedly sent delicious gluten-free gift baskets to Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey and Mike Adams, thanking them for everything they’ve done so far.

“Without these three helping convince parents that I am a harmless disease and they don’t need to get vaccinated, I might not be where I am today,” said Measles. “Sending these baskets is the least I could do.”

All three have posted words of appreciation to Measles on Facebook and expressed hope and prayers that Measles will continue to spread natural immunity to children everywhere…and hopefully only kill and injure a few.

This is not the first time Measles has reached out to its fans, sending a thank you letter to Jim Carrey in 2015.

“Measles and I have become very close over the years; he is the Harry to my Lloyd,” joked Carrey. “But in all seriousness, no one should ever get vaccines and Measles is completely harmless.”


This article was first published on The Science Post and is reprinted with permission.


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