It’s official. George Pell will be spending tonight in jail after his legal term withdrew his application for bail. 



Well, the other shoe has dropped. Cardinal George Pell will spent tonight in jail after his legal team withdrew his bail application. Numerous character references were made to defend Pell, not least former PM John Howard, as Pell’s team attempted to argue for a lower-end punishment.

The argument, according to Twitter, included this:



The chief judge presiding the case, one Peter Kidd, said that he viewed Pell’s behaviour as “callous, brazen offending”. Kidd said Pell’s offending was “blatant”.

“He did have in his mind some sense of impunity. How else did he think he would get away with this? There was an element of force here … this is not anywhere near the lower end of offending.”


The question now is how long Pell’s sentence will be. The court reconvenes at 2:15.



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