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15% of people love their pet more than their partner

According to a recent study, 15% of Brits love their pets more than their partner. To combat this, one law firm is now offering ‘pet-nups’. Sounds ruff.



According to British one lad-based publication, fifteen per cent of pet owners loved their fur babies more than their partners. Being a citizen of a doggo-first nation, it seems a trifle low.

The research was enabled by the kindest and most empathetic people in the world, divorce lawyers. The good folk of at Maguire Family law decided to enable the research in the wake of numerous divorces getting ugly over the ownership of the family pooch.

The firm said: “We’re seeing a growing number of divorce and separation cases where people are arguing over care arrangements of their dogs, cats, horses and other pets.

“Although our survey showed a third of pet owners in relationships think animals should be treated the same as children when it comes to breakups, unfortunately, the law doesn’t agree.

“Obviously, the emotional attachment to pets can be huge, which is why we see so much upset over who gets to keep them when a couple breaks up.

“People may find if they draw up a pet-nup, there may be issues around its enforceability if there’s a dispute, but we find if a couple agrees to matters up front they usually stick to this.”

The latter is not a particularly bad idea. A pet-nup. We’ve all band-aided decaying relationships with a fur-friend, but we all know the horror of when it all goes awry, and one has to make the adult decision, and break the heart of the thing that loves you the most. Why not afford yourself some legal protection? After all, you’re a parent now. The life of your child is the most important thing.



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