Senior citizens turn to Uber-style grandkids app

Over in America, senior citizens are now using an Uber-style app to deliver them grandkids to help around the house, or make sure they finish off that sponge in the fridge. 



In the age of the gig economy, we’ve managed to streamline the three things our lizard brains covet: Shelter, food, company. However, a company in the US has taken it further, ensuring that our final years need not be painted in the hues abject loneliness and daily hopelessness. A new story in the Wall Street Journal looks at how senior citizens are using technology to summon “on-demand grandkids”.

It’s ostensibly Uber Eats, but able-bodied adults are the service offered.

“They’re all very nice and, you know, I’ll converse with them and find out what they’re doing and studying and so forth,” Marilyn Sumkin, age 87, told the newspaper. “It’s for me a very important service.”

The platform pays college-age young people $10 per hour to help seniors by shopping, doing the housework, or just shooting the shit. According to the aforesaid piece, the (app-enabled) human contact is extremely important, as Sumin, an 87-year-old interviewee told the WSJ that along with a bi-weekly exercise class, the app business was her only human contact. Which, levity aside, is a massive plus.



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