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A three-time #1 Amazon bestselling author, Steve Brossman has integrated his experience as a high-performance athlete and Olympic coach into a life of a successful businessperson and sought-after business coach and mentor. He has spoken to over 45,000 people in 15 countries and has produced and hosted a TV show on Channel 9.

The Credibility to Clients Code

The elusive holy grail when it comes to consistently getting quality clients.

For years, professionals, service providers and business owners have been seeking that elusive edge in the market. Yet with the arrival of the internet and social media, your consumers can, with the simple click of a mouse, compare you with your closest competition.

An article in Forbes late last year said, “being seen as an Authority will be a powerful form of marketing for 2019”.

The Bridge too far away!

Many business owners that I work with start by saying “I don’t deserve to be seen as an authority.” That’s ok. I’ve cracked the code and I’ll show you how to use your current mainstream credibility to attract quality clients.

Let me break down some of the definitions of “Authority”.

a person with extensive or specialized knowledge (if you are in business, you have this)

the power to influence others (If you get people to buy from you, or you guide them, this is for you too)

Most professionals and service providers who are successful already have “mainstream credibility”. Using the above definitions of Authority as a base I’m going to take you through how to take your own credibility and turn it into clients. And not just any clients: high-quality clients.


Somewhere buried under the cloak of sameness is a layer of uniqueness. It may be the delivery method of your service, years in service, what you have done outside of business or the different results you get. In fact, in my coaching program I have a 27-point checklist to uncover 7 “uniqueness’s” to use in the next step.


If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a duck.

So, if you look and sound the same as the others in your market, then then you must be the same. Most professionals are guided by cookie cutter marketers who are fantastic at marketing what’s in front of them, however, when in a competitive market often their solution is just spend more.

When you uncover your uniqueness and communicate it differently you can actually spend LESS on marketing.

Most people who stand out in a crowded market generally position themselves not by their Occupation or Category but by the OUTCOME they provide.


Many professionals are fixated on cost recovery and charge $$ per hour, per session or per treatment. When you charge $$ per something you are pointing a big red arrow at your fees saying “Please Compare me!”.

Here is the perfect storm: When you TITLE yourself the same as everyone else, COMMUNICATE what you do the same as everyone else and CHARGE per hour, session or treatment WHAT are the prospects meant to look at as a differentiator???? PRICE.

So how do you take your mainstream credibility and use it to attract clients?

You need to take the fact that you are already successful in business and are delivering results for your clients. Therefore, you have trust with your clients, they believe you can deliver the results and have confidence in you.

It’s time to really drill down to identify some form of uniqueness or credibility that can be used as a “hook”. In my program, ‘Change the Game’, we do a 3-Dimensional look at businesses, their clients and others in the marketplace.

We look at personal and professional achievements as well as the outcomes they deliver for clients. One exercise I use with them is ‘write down the 3 biggest outcomes you have delivered for your last 3 clients.’ Plus review your best and most recent testimonials. (because if your clients are talking about it they and others are willing to pay for it.)

Review all that and look for common threads. What specific outcomes do people come to you for and what do you deliver?

Here are some things to consider:

People don’t buy your qualifications. Unless it is a major differentiator and allows you to deliver a different result. Most will assume you will be appropriately qualified.

People don’t care how many hours it takes you to deliver the outcome. In fact, many will pay more for the outcome to be delivered in less time.

Most people don’t care about the technical detail that it takes for you to deliver the outcome. YOU are the only one who gets excited by what you do. The rest of us gets excited by what it will do for US!

Create your Positioning by using your credibility.

“Your perceived position predicts your profit.”

Identify the clear repeatable outcomes you are already providing your clients.

Review what your clients are already saying about you.

What unique system, process, qualification, experience or achievement can you use to help you create an Authority Positioning Statement?

Remember “You don’t have to be the best in the world… you just have to be the best in their world”. Too many people get fixated on believing that they have to be seen as the best in their entire category or believe that if they aren’t the best then they don’t deserve to be seen as a leader.

Instead they need to look at being seen as delivering a unique service that is very attractive to a section on the market.

When you go broad and generic trying to appeal to a very wide market believing that it is the way to get more clients, you also open up to a very wide competition base, but when you position yourself as a leader in a specific market delivering a specific outcome-based service you become highly desirable with very little competition.

People Buy Outcomes Not Inputs.

When a person walks into a cake shop and sees a stunning, mouth watering cake sitting on the display I bet they aren’t thinking to themselves, “I wonder what type of flour they used or how long and at what temperature it was in the oven for, how many eggs are in that cake etc.

NO! It is the outcome of all that and more that they are buying.

Yet many professionals insist on talking about the ingredients as if they mean as much to the prospect as it does the themselves.

Package your Payoffs not Pieces.

You already have credibility delivering your services which deliver results for your clients: That is what they are already paying for.

I had a client a while ago in the digital marketing/web development space who when asked to create some packs/programs instead of selling a straight hourly service, came up with three packs which still just focused on the technical inclusions. Unless you were a technical geek you didn’t have a clue what he did, so he was no better off.

Clarity Creates Cash!

“But they don’t understand what I do!” Do you often have to explain yourself over and over again only to have people not really understand what you do?

Too many times I get business owners come to me frustrated at prospects not understanding what they do. It is because they are trying to explain how they do what they do and that is because they love talking about what it is that they do. As I said earlier “they really don’t give a damn”.

All the prospect is interested in is “how what you do will benefit their business or life!” For most, how you achieve the result is irrelevant.

You need to be able to clearly articulate:

That you understand what their pains, needs and goals are and

How what you do will achieve all that and more. How their business and or life will be different because of what you do.

Visual vs Verbal.

Creating your Client Conversion Blueprint.

It has been reported that 80% of all senses go thought the eyes and we absorb images 600 times faster than words alone.

For the past seven years I have been helping my clients create their own Client Conversion Blueprint. It is a graphic representation of their signature system which allows them to visually demonstrate not only what they do but that they actually have a system to deliver the results that the prospect is seeking.

Recently I started with a new client who provides a wide range of financial services. He was having difficulty explaining what he did. He said it was very complicated.

We created his one-page Blueprint and how to use it. After he presented it the first time, he sent the following: “Steve I showed a prospect the Blueprint today and they said ‘this is so easy to follow can I have a copy as I know two people who need to talk to you”.

In one day, they went from over complicated to generating referrals with one Blueprint.

If they are Involved, they Invest.

Most professionals and business owners love helping people. They love working out and providing solutions. When you have a well-crafted Client Conversion Blueprint you use that as the centerpiece for the discussion and to collaborate and co-create a set of solutions.

When the prospect is involved in the discussion and creation of the solution they feel as a part owner of the solution and major objections disappear.

People who have use the Blueprint as a cornerstone of their sales process have reported jumps in conversion rates to unheard of levels of 70, 80 and even 90% and reduction of sales times from 120 minutes to 30 minutes…

When you present with your Blueprint you are using it as a framework to co-create solutions that will make an impact.

The biggest mistake I see professionals make when it comes to selling is that they try to educate the prospect not engage with them. The focus should be to Inspire not Inform!

At the end of the discussion (sales presentation) if done correctly, you will have identified several areas that your system will provide positive outcomes, ie, you will have shown financial and emotive benefits. Plus you will have collaborated on solutions with the ultimate goal of providing clear value significantly greater than the potential investment that the prospect is to make.

When you have delivered COLLABORATION and VALUE then price becomes irrelevant and you move to the next steps.

AND because you are “selling the system not yourself” the whole sales process becomes far less stressful.

Getting found! The Final Piece.

There is no sense being the best kept secret if you want to attract clients. You need to continuously put out quality information positioning you as an Authority on what you do.

In Summary here are the 5 Key Steps to turn your Credibility into Clients.

Step 1. Position yourself with an outcome-based title to be seen as a creditable leader in what you do.
Step 2. Package your services in a way to create outcome-based programs.
Step 3. Create your signature system and build your Client Conversion Blueprint.
Step 4. Regularly communicate using the mediums and platforms frequented by your clients and prospects.
Step 5. Use your Blueprint to visually present your system and solution in a collaboration type of presentation, demonstrating value in excess of potential investment.

How to Fast Track getting the Code working for you.

Many professionals, when they see how this can work for them, just want it now! They don’t want to try and figure the rest out themselves. Here’s how I work so you can choose which best suits.

The fastest and most powerful way is as a 1 on 1 Personal Client. This is a powerful program, where I am with you every step of the way, guiding you to build what is needed and with you through the implementation process. Note: spaces are limited so expect a few tough questions on our call. Book a call here.

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