ALP win 50th consecutive Newspoll, but no-one likes Bill

Because things do not fall apart, and the centre certainly holds, the ALP has won yet another Newspoll, despite their chosen leader remaining comparatively unpopular. 




Overnight, yet another Newspoll revealed itself, revealing that the ALP has increased its two-party lead to 54-46%, representing the 50th consecutive Newspoll they’ve won.

One figures the damage (considering it was 47-53% in the last totting of opinions) comes from the conservative wing, with Barnaby Joyce redoubling his desire to run for the top job, or his adjutant, Michael McCormack excoriating the ALP for killing off evening sport with their renewable energy push.



The Coalition also had to endure the jangled chains of the ghost from Spillsmas past, as Malcolm Turnbull reentered the media spotlight to shake a spectral fist at the machinations of his ousting. Doomed for a certain term to walk the night, indeed.



So, a fairly grim, nonsense week. Crunching the numbers, and the Coalition primary vote is down one point to 36%, Labor 39%, One Nation 7% (up two) and the Greens held at 9%. Directly copying and pasting the numbers to the election, it would represent the Coalition losing a whopping 18 seats. Which is about two-and-a-half Honda Odysseys.

However, since time immemorial, Labor won, and the Coalition PM (whoever it is) won the preferred vote. The margin (although narrowing) sees Morrison pacing at 43-36%.

Which brings me to a suspicion I possess, in that we’re all living in a simulation, or we’ve been subject to the same holding pattern we’ve been since Malcolm started approaching Tony’s Newspoll loss record. It seems so long ago.

According to SportsBet (because why wouldn’t you bet on the future of the country), the ALP sits at $1.18 to win the upcoming election. A figure, as The Sydney Morning Herald muses is “Winx-like“, which is not bad. Make Bill race the horse. It might make it him more popular. His hero, Bob Hawke, can scull all the beers he wants, but has he raced one of the greatest equines this country has ever produced?


Do it, Bill.


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