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This is what we know about the Christchurch shooting so far

As you undoubtedly know, extreme gun violence has emerged in at least one Christchurch mosque. This is what we know so far.



Unfortunately, the bloodless hatred that seems to be all too common in America has arrived in our hemisphere, as a gunman/gunmen entered a/two Christchurch Mosque(s) and started shooting. While there are rumours abound, the following represents what has been confirmed so far:

  • There are multiple fatalities, with The New Zealand Herald stating that it could be anywhere up to 27.
  • A suspect is currently in custody, but police believe that “there may be other offenders”.
  • The suspect is purportedly a 28-year-old Australian born man, who recorded a lengthy white supremacist manifesto, castigating those in the Mosque as “invaders”, and declared his action a “terrorist act”.
  • Residents in the city have been asked to remain inside, and climate change rallies taking place across the city have been evacuated.
  • All mosques in New Zealand have been asked to lock their doors.
  • The shooter claimed he was radicalised by “the internet.” He names specific YouTube personalities. His last Facebook links before his live-streamed murders were to RT, and the American neo-Nazis National Vanguard (an anti-immigration platform).




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