Donald wants John McCain to thank him for his funeral (and what he’s really saying)

This morning, Donald Trump railed against the dead, wondering why John McCain hasn’t yet thanked him for the lovely funeral he arranged. However, what he’s really saying, is something else entirely.



There’s a couple of things I’ve learned (which I think goes for everyone else too) in following the nonsense ramblings of Donald Trump. One, the things that pour out of his gob are completely devoid of nutrient, two, he’s completely ruined criticism, as there’s not just one facet for us to mobilise against, and finally, probably most of all, it’s best not to award him column space to yell at him, because people are numb and have stopped listening and no longer care, and frankly, neither do I.

While I promised myself to stop dragging meaning out of the meaningless, or allow him to roger me for clicks, this morning I couldn’t resist. You see, Donald doesn’t get a lot of things, and frankly, neither do we. But of the two great constants that control us, death and taxes, we certainly understand the former if not the latter. It’s a cruel lesson we learn early, when something living dies, it doesn’t come back – despite how much we love that person, pet, whatever, we can’t speak to them – they’re gone.

Donald…well he sort of struggles with that one. In railing against the recently departed John McCain, he mentioned the funeral arrangements of, and particularly how he’s still waiting for a nice thank you from the dearly departed. But sadly, silence on that end.



He’s dead, dude.

Moving on from the sticking point of warring with a dead person who didn’t want you at their funeral (which isn’t slander, yay), Donald moved on to further wars against the dead, further castigating McCain for another two minutes.



So, what the fudge is he on about?

Well, some rather red subtext exists in the above rant, particularly in this section “John McCain received the fake and phony dossier. You hear about the dossier? It was paid for by Crooked Hillary Clinton. And John McCain got it. And what did he do? He didn’t call me. He turned it over to the FBI hoping to put me in jeopardy.”

The dossier in question was the Steele Dossier, the one that twigged the FBI to the whole Trump-Russia pickle. McCain received a copy of the dossier late in 2016 (before it was public knowledge), and quietly sent it over to the appropriate authorities.

Which, apparently, in the mind of Donald was:




There are two important points to consider. Clearly, in Donald’s world, McCain should have turned over the dossier that suggested the wrongdoings of one individual to the individual in question. Also, the above clip was recorded in a tank factory in Ohio. It’s not a televised debate, or a reaction to a journalist badgering him, it’s just a regular speech. One where he aired his dirty laundry with a decaying pile of effluent, illuminating probably the largest question mark hanging over his tenure, his ties to Russia.

In the words of one political analyst, congratulations, you just played yourself.


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