In a week where we’ve been calling for media balance, Channel 7 has done this

After a week where many have called for greater diversity in our media, Channel 7 has wheeled out their coverage team for the upcoming state election. Clearly, they’re not listening.




This week, the post-Christchurch discussion has been about many things. One of the more salient points has been the role the media has played in engendering the brand of awfulness that claimed so many lives. Yesterday, Tim Dunlop illustrated a solution, believing that greater diversity will see us move away from the one tone panels we’re used to. In the piece, Dunlop espouses that “…most attempts to “fix” the media are really elite appeals for the profession to better live up to its own, often-lauded role as a political watchdog.”

Whether the answer is diversity, or greater responsibility (or both), is a matter of debate. What is clear, however, is that a change of the established tone must be the first stop, if we are to improve. It’d be remiss to expect mountains to immediately be moved, but one would certainly expect something to suggest a changing of minds.

This morning, we have a fairly strong indicator that the might be the case, as Channel 7 wheeled out their panel to discuss the upcoming (and rather pivotal) NSW election.



This, of course, was the same broadcaster that freely gave Pauline Hanson a slot on morning television, and wheeled her out to face David Koch soon after Christchurch.



Clearly, they’re not listening. Or more likely, they’ve decided that the complaint on social media is another storm to sit through.

I say, no. Change is what we need, and change is what we seek.


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