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Antony Green calls the election for the Berejiklian government

Well, the fat lady might have just sung, as the ABC’s sagely Antony Green has just called the election for the Liberal Party. 



Yes, it’s rather early, but the ABC’s premier election soothsayer Antony Green believes that the Berejiklian government will return for a third term. Ostensibly, all hope dies when Antony calls it. With much quibbling and much counting to be done, it certainly seems likely that Gladys will be back. Green believes that it is now a matter of how much. He believes that Berejiklian government will be returned, either in its own right or as a minority government.

Per Ben Raue of The Guardian, “…while it’s not clear whether the government will retain their majority it now seems impossible for Labor to win a majority and very unlikely that Labor will be in a position to form a minority government.”



More updates as they come in, but it certainly seems time for bed.




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