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Gladys relaxes lockout laws to accomodate her election party

To celebrate her momentous win, Gladys Berejiklian has vowed to party long into the night, promising her constituents that they’ll be able to get a drink beyond 3 am.



With the state election all but sewn up, Gladys Berejiklian has addressed a room full of her supporters to outline her immediate plans for her new government. First piece of business was to party on, as Gladys proclaimed that she’ll be “celebrating this momentous win this evening” in “the greatest city in the world”, announcing that everyone in the room would be able to “get a celebratory tipple in any establishment we choose…until whatever time we choose”, promising to “paint the town blue” into the “very wee hours”, noting that “…tonight, we are looking forward to celebrating in all the great nightspots in this fine city, Kings Cross, Oxford Street, Newtown.”

When quizzed on whether the invitation will be extended to her beaten opposite, Michael Daley, Gladys shook her head, stating “…I know the bouncers, don’t worry about it…that, or we’ll just say we’re going to Chinatown.”






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