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Should One Nation now be deregistered?

One Nation being caught seeking funding from the NRA should represent the final straw. For my money, they no longer represent us – they represent a problem.



Thanks to Al Jazeera, Pauline Hanson’s top adviser, James Ashby, and One Nation’s Queensland leader, Steve Dickson, were recorded attempting to seek $20 million dollars from the NRA to, in the words of Dickson, “(If we could get that amount of money, imagine: we could) change Australia.”

Dickson was recorded saying: “We can change the voting system in our country, the way people operate, if we’ve got the money to do it…the ingredients are there, we just don’t have the petrol to put in the engine…so whatever you can do would be fantastic.”

During the footage, the NRA’s media liaison Lars Dalseide offered Ashby and Dickson advice on what to say to gun control advocates after a mass shooting.

“How dare you stand on the graves of those children to put forward your political agenda?” Dalseide advises. “Just shame them to the whole idea…it’s like, ‘If you, if your policy, isn’t good enough to stand on itself, how dare you use their deaths to push that forward?!'”

Ashby responds: “That’s very good, very strong,” Mr Dickson replies: “I love that. Thank you.”


In response to the footage, One Nation has made claims of “foreign interference” and referred the issue to ASIO. Clearly, they see nothing wrong in their actions, clearly, the see themselves the victim.

While it’s worth mentioning that the footage was recorded prior to the Australian parliament, it presents yet another challenge to the moral fibre of the nation. Allowing the NRA into our politics would clearly change our landscape forever, and we’re clearly faced with a question – how much of this can we endure? Running on a platform of racism and little else, questions must clearly now be asked of Scott Morrison and his support of the party through the preference system. Clearly, the One Nation brand has been able to run far too long, and clearly, the above footage represents something we’ve not yet seen. While it was technically legal, it seems that they no longer represent a minority of Australians, they represent a major problem.



Clearly, One Nation is going to be One Nation, but what matters is the official response to it. After all, the naughtiest kid always bows to the strictest teacher. On that topic (prior to today), The Prime Minister has been quite clear in his response regarding that topic.



Clearly, One Nation’s clip has been emboldened by Canberra. Clearly, we’re at the point where the indefensible is exactly that. Now, we can twist this through the prism of our personal politics, but no-one else is continually demonising a collection of Australians for votes or seeking funding from a gun lobby to marginalise the victims of a massacre, or our ability to stop one.





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