It’s not easy to make your content appealing to visitors. If you stick too much to one style, your content gets boring; if you change your style and text type too often, you’re not authentic and you could go ‘off brand’.



Of course, there are several goals your content efforts need to meet overall. Sticking to direct selling is too aggressive, so you have to add some value to your content. The value is like a sneak peak of your product or service – proving you know what you’re talking about. Before you dive into selling, you have to build trust through these value-based videos and posts. To make the concept easily understandable, the team here at Marmot Inc. have narrowed the content goals down to three content pillars which serve all of them – one way or the other: Entertain & Inspire Me, Educate & Inform Me, and Convince Me.

What are the three content pillars all about?

As soon as you get the hang of the three content pillars, you’ll see:

a) how easy it is to actually create a robust content plan; and
b) how the content will boost your visitors, engagement and conversions.
Before getting further into the importance of the three pillars, we’re going to explain them first. Each of the three pillars address different marketing needs; entertaining and informing to build trust, and to sell. Here’s what they are and how you can use them:

1. Entertain & Inspire Me
Entertaining posts are based on light content which is easy to digest while conveying a sense of inspiration to the audiences. It serves to create an emotional connection. The topics can be based on influencers, technologies, success stories, inspirational influencer-related quotes and other shareworthy, likeable and comment-worthy content for maximum reach. Most importantly, it’s about igniting positive emotions surrounding your business.

2. Educate & Inform Me
Informing and educating posts give the user value as well as practical and relevant advice with expert insights. Posts can take the form of authoritative industry news, “How To’s”, tips and tricks, global insights as well as content with valuable insights that can help inform and educate your customers. This content bucket will help position your brand as an authority in your industry vertical. If you can teach someone something, they will be more inclined to take one step closer towards your business.

3. Convince Me
Convincing posts communicate the value of the business’s products or services to customers. This type of content should be all about what product or service you are offering and why you’re super good at what you do, or how you differentiate your brand in a sea of same-same. Service information, customer testimonials, case studies, new key hires, company news and updates, new product features, new markets, awards, new HUBS onboarded and other content with the goal of selling the services to potential customers.

Why are the three content pillars so important?

You can’t just go ahead and start selling trying to convince or sell to your potential customer (pillar 3) – it just doesn’t work that way. The point of the three different pillars is that you give your audience value through entertainment and education, and then use your pillar 3 content that’s supposed to convince them AFTER they’ve learned to appreciate your content and your brand. If you vary between the three pillars, you will less likely bore your audience – and an audience that’s interested is more likely to buy your product or service.


How can you use the content pillars methodology for your content planning?

Variety is really important if you want to avoid losing your audience’s interest. The three content pillars aren’t the only ways of captivating your them – they are three categories with a bunch of possibilities for new content. Each pillar offers several different ways of delivering content while maintaining authenticity and attracting new viewers. Varying between the different pillars builds trust slowly but sustainably, which happens to be the same it’s the same process in achieving higher success. If you follow the three content pillars and couple them with engaging content, you’ll soon witness the fruits of your labour in your community attractions and conversions. We hope this strategy is useful as you go forth and conquer the world!

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