Science believes we’re showering far too much

As it turns out, science thinks we’re showering far too often. All hail the unmistakable pong of questionable research.



This is a particularly tricky subject to tackle, as I risk doxxing myself, but I tend to not shower. Which is to say, I don’t shower particularly often. Yes, that smell is me. However, in the universe of pop-science, one can find anything to justify one’s eccentricities. With that in mind, new research believes that we’re showering far too much. Apparently, showering too much can ruin one’s skin and/or how the body functions.

It all stems back to the human microbiome, and how little we understand it. Ostensibly, the microbiome is the encyclopedia of bacteria, viruses and other viral nonsense that complete us. Without these disgusting tiny critters our immune system, heart function, or worse, our ability to eat would fail a lot or stop functioning entirely.



Simply put, we’re supposed to be filthy. Per the sweary denizens of pop-science, I fucking love Science: “A study of the people of Yanomami village in the Amazon, who had “no documented previous contact with Western people” found their skin, mouths, and faeces hosted the richest complement of bacteria in any human population examined until that point — a complement that included antibiotic-resistant species, despite no known contact with antibiotics.”

Essentially, we need bacteria to remain clean/alive.

What we really need, is to prove it in the Western world. What we need, is a control group. A Potemkin collection of desperados willing to not shower in the name of science. As it stands, the published reporting on shower-skipping is a stack of self-experimentation. We can do better.

As God as my witness, I’ll never shower again.



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