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Israel Folau quits rubgy…to represent One Nation

Israel Folau has jumped the gun, quitting before Rugby Australia can sack him, sensationally choosing to enter politics as One Nation’s latest candidate.



Last night gave us the crocodile tears of Pauline Hanson, as the media again offered her a platform to victimise herself upon. It’s all gone wrong for the well-meaning party based on abject hate, with the body-conscious Steve Dickson being the latest sheep to stray from the flock.

All One Nation wants to do is freely pitch the NRA to destabilise our democratic process and/or marginalise sex workers in peace, and/or fistfight each other in the halls of Parliament. It’s not their fault, its ours We should all just leave them be.

But while things have been rather grim for One Nation, it seems that they have a new member, and a celebrity to boot, with wayward Twitter troll Israel Folau set to give up football for politics.

“His knowledge of the inner-workings of modern social media, combined with his core values aligning up with ours…we’re very proud to say it is a real goal kicked for One Nation,” Hanson said in a press conference announcing the move.

The decision on Folau’s future is set to be made on his behalf later this week, as Rugby Australia will decide whether his anti-homosexual rhetoric on social media legally constitutes as means to tear up his contract.

None of that matters to Hanson, however, who said that “we’ve long been an equal-opportunity workplace, what happened at another place of business is not really any of our concern”.

Folau was purportedly thrilled, congratulating his new employers, looking forward to “the next chapter” in his life, making a particular point to mention his glee at the lack of a code of conduct at One Nation HQ.



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