It’s official: We’re sadder, angrier and more worried than ever before

Good news! According to a new study, we’re sadder, angrier and more worried that has ever been measured before. Which is just great. 



It’s not just you, this planet is not a happy place.

According to analytics firm Gallup, the world’s emotional barometer is epically skewed. They suggest that people are sadder, angrier, and more worried than ever before.

Pulling data from 151,000 interviews over 140 countries, Gallup asked respondents about how they felt the day prior, such as whether they smiled or laughed, or when they felt sadness or anger.

Per Futurism, “…they found that the number of people who said they’d experienced anger increased by two percentage points over the previous year, while both worry and sadness increased by one percentage point – setting new record highs for all three negative emotions.”

This, of course, risks our physical health, as numerous studies have linked anger to a greater possibility of heart attack and stroke, while the problematic twins of worry and sadness can be indicators of anxiety disorders and depression, which sucks as well as blows.

So, yes, things are getting worse, and it’s not just you. The only way out, I feel, is to dig up. Borrow from the Camus school and embrace the ugliness, the detritus and hideousness of everyday life. That, or we just be nicer to each other, and endeavour to embrace the positives.

Yeah, didn’t think so.


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