Speaking from her home in Chicago, Practifi’s Emily Wilcox outlines the ways she’s disrupting the establishment of the American fintech sector.



Rising through the ranks of the crowded and male-dominated word of finance and technology, financial services firm Practifi’s COO Emily Wilcox recently spoke on EPN, the Enterprise Podcast Network, about her emerging role within the field, how fintech is developing and what the future holds for CRMs, and women in the financial services sector.

Speaking from her new-found home in Chicago, Emily told host Eric Dye that as she looks to the future, she is genuinely excited about what seems to be emerging on the fintech horizon.

“Everyone’s heard the buzz words around ‘AI’ and ‘roboadvice’ and those sorts of things,” she said.

“But, to me as someone who deals with financial advisors on the ground on a day-to-day basis, the most exciting thing is being able to fully automate internal processes and still bring about these amazing and robust efficiencies in their business using the many industry-specific tools they have available to them…to free up the time to ultimately build and deliver more value to their clients,” she said.

“You have fintech to thank for that,” she noted, with a small measure of pride.

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“I think that advisory firms can provide very transparent 24-7 services, like access to client portals, ‘real time’ evaluations, central communications and information…these guys will ultimately increase their customers’ awareness and understanding of their financial position; they have access to the tools which will ultimately increase the clients’ engagement and trust.”

To Emily, this evolution is a good thing on every single level. But she also issued a word of caution, seeing as sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with the technology. To her, getting to the heart of the matter is key—that “heart” is the relationship you have with your clients.

“I think that at the heart of it are the fundamental tools that are developing and growing every day, enabling you to draw out this awesome ecosystem to ultimately enable you to do your job more effectively, and to have incredible relationships with your clients and keep those relationships going and fostering.”

To hear the interview in full, visit epodcastnetwork.com. To find out more about Practifi, visit www.practifi.com.

About Practifi: Practifi ensures financial advice firms can realise their full growth potential while revolutionising financial services technology the world over. As a cloud-based business management platform, Practifi manages clients, partners, providers and centres-of-influence through a clean, intuitive interface. It’s the new benchmark for CRM-based systems in financial advice. With offices in Sydney and Chicago, and loyal clients across APAC, Europe and North America, Practifi is passionate about partnering with advisors, providing the tools required to lead the financial advisory firm of the future.


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