Reid: Supporting women, small business and faster broadband

The Morrison Government is providing the framework to bolster the strength of women in small businesses. Their candidate in Reid, Fiona Martin, is a testament to that.



The Liberal Government is supporting girls and young women to become entrepreneurs through $3.6 million in funding for a new Future Female Entrepreneurs program across Australia. The program will help provide young women and girls with the tools and support they need to prosper in the digital economy and secure their own economic futures

In doing so, it will engage around 55,000 girls and young women nationwide, particularly those in rural and regional communities, through a digital platform and in-person workshops.

Supporting the next generation of women leaders has been a priority for the Morrison Government, an example that has been set in the Cabinet room. In March, Senator Linda Reynolds was sworn in as Minister for the Defence Industry, bringing the number of women in the cabinet to seven.

“That is the highest number of women ever in a federal cabinet in Australia,” the Prime Minister said at the time. “And that is something a Liberal-National government has delivered, and it is something that I would certainly continue should we be successful on the other side of the election.”

Small business is the backbone of the Australian economy, which is something the Morrison Government holds in high regard and proclaimed heading into the May 18 election. In announcing the polling date, the Prime Minister announced his government’s proposal to flatten tax brackets, so more than 90% of Australians pay 30% or less income tax. He’s also fast-tracking cuts for small and medium-sized companies, a key benefit for many in the division of Reid.

womenThe Liberals have also announced a $100m equity fund for small businesses, which looks to involve the government as a passive shareholder in up to 50 businesses a year. Modelled on the UK’s Business Growth Fund, this local version aims to bolster the equity of businesses that have been identified as having significant growth potential.

This policy forms part of the Liberal’s promise to create 250,000 new small and family businesses over the next five years.

“This fund means more small and family businesses can take that next step to grow, to create more jobs and to invest in the opportunities they’ve got their eye on,” Mr Morrison said.

This policy comes on the heels of the Government’s pledge to inject $2 billion into the small business loan market, which created a taxpayer-backed securitisation fund to invest in small and medium enterprise (SME) credit.

Fast and reliable Internet access is of paramount importance to many SMEs. Access to the NBN contributed $1.2 billion to Australia’s GDP in 2017, a figure which is expected to reach $10.4 billion once the rollout is complete. The NBN is now available to three quarters of all Australian premises, or more than 8.7 million homes and businesses. As of April 2019, it now has over 5 million active connections.

The Liberal candidate for the inner western Sydney seat of Reid is Dr Fiona Martin. Fiona knows how important it is that small businesses have the support they need from the federal government. Fiona has been running a small business for 13 years, and has seen first-hand the difference a strong economy makes to the lives of everyone in her community.

Fiona founded and runs the Sydney Psychology Centre, and is a consultant for a wide variety of organisations including Only About Children and is a special adviser for Little Blue Dinosaur. She has also been recently appointed as an Ambassador Expert by Life Education.

Reid is an electorate built on the success of small businesses, and small business owners like Fiona.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described her as an “outstanding candidate”.

“I think she’s going to do an outstanding job,” Mr Morrison said recently. “I’m very confident in her abilities.”

Fiona has also received a ringing endorsement from former Prime Minister John Howard. “She’s the future,” he said. “She’s very energetic.”


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