Gotta recall ’em all: Researchers map Pokémon part of the brain

According to the dorks of Stanford, the minds of those who played Pokémon as junior trainers are indelibly marked. Brain lesion! I choose you!



For those of my Pokémon generation, we’re likely to be able to recite the original 151 dudes from memory. I mean, why wouldn’t you? Why not remember a fantastical world where children are free to roam the landscape and trap wild creatures in order to profit from them fighting other animals. Right?

Anyway, new research believes there’s a spot in the brain solely responsible for storing Pokémon-based information.

Stanford University neuroscientists recruited 11 self-proclaimed Pokémon masters and 11 Pokémon-naïve participants and looked closely at the part of the brain called the occipitotemporal sulcus. That brain region activated more strongly in gamer brains when presented with Pokémon pictures, but barely registered a flutter in the unfamiliar.

It turns out that the brains of experienced Pokémon trainers clumped Pokémon together due to their distinct style rather than breaking them down into their component shapes or colours along with images from other categories, according to The Verge.

While this doesn’t exclusively mean that there’s a Poké Box in our cranial computer, it does speak heavily to the concept of exposure, as we bombarded our minds with a veritable Mt Moon of information, information that we had to memorise and sort.

With that being said, I still remember how long one has to walk around to ensure that the daycare dude raises my Magikarp for me, I remember how to do the infinite item glitch, and I know that ‘Dream Eater’ is TM42. Why do I know this information? I suspect that Prof. Oak has brainwashed me.

That, or I wasted my youth.

The benefit of foresight…





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