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Folau won’t appeal contract decision, threatens vague comeback

Israel Folau will not appeal Rugby Australia’s decision to tear up his contract. In railing against the judicial system that found him guilty, he promises some sort of action.



The other shoe has dropped for Australia’s most polarising marsupial as Israel Folau has decided not to appeal Rugby Australia’s decision to tear up his contract.

“The last few weeks and, in particular, the last 72 hours have given me considerable opportunity to reflect and think about my future,” Folau said. “I will not be exercising my right to appeal Rugby Australia’s decision to terminate my employment contract.”

However, this move does not represent a change of heart or mind, nor does it signify his acceptance of the ruling, as Folau made it quite clear that he had no confidence in the judicial process.

“My decision not to commence Rugby Australia’s appeal process is in no way an acceptance of the judicial panel’s findings,” he said. “I simply do not have confidence in Rugby Australia’s ability to treat me fairly or lawfully throughout this process.”

There is a caveat, however, as Folau has decided to do something, a vague push emboldened by the wave of support he has received.

“The messages of support from fans, players, former rugby administrators and the public have been humbling,” he said. “I believe I still have a lot of rugby left in me and the potential impact of Rugby Australia’s decision on my reputation and my career is substantial…ultimately, I need to do what is best for my family, my teammates and the fans, so I am considering all potential avenues open to me,” he concluded.

He stopped short of mentioning what that would actually be. Considering that the timeframe of appeal regarding this issue has elapsed one is unsure what legal recompense he possesses.

There is, of course, plenty of room on the right wing for Australia. It just depends which one he chooses.


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