Scott Morrison secures majority government with 77 seats

With the ABC’s Antony Green finally calling it, it seems that the Morrison government will operate as a majority, winning at least 77 seats.



Well, it’s official. The Scott Morrison government will be operating as a majority, with The ABC‘s election demigod/tech Luddite Antony Green calling it thusly. The Morrison government has purportedly won 77 seats, with Bass, Chisholm, Boothby and Wentworth rolling over to the blue side.

Prior to the election, Labor held Bass and Chisholm, while Wentworth was in the hands of independent Kerryn Phelps.

“As far as I’m concerned on the numbers to come Bass will be the 76th seat. Postals and absent votes favour the Coalition in Bass and they’re already ahead…at some time today Bass will tick over to become the 76th seat, delivering the Government majority.”

Regarding Wentworth, Liberal candidate Dave Sharma and Kerryn Phelps duked out yet another too-close-to-call squabble (the second in seven months), but with Sharma winning back the seat via a 16.6 per cent swing.

To those who held out hope for a minority government, it’s over. To those who voted for Scott Morrison, congratulations.



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