The United Kingdom has a problem with your dating profile pic

According to extremely unreliable data, 165% of Britons have a problem with your dating profile pic. 



The world of app-based dating is a ruthless one. As the prophet Eminem once famously said, you only have one shot. One opportunity…lest you spend the night losing yourself.


Clearly, the image one attaches to their profile matters. Within the standards of online dating etiquette lies another smaller circle. Break these visual rules, and you’ll forever be swept right upon. New research in the UK believes that they’ve managed to discover the most galling five. Commissioned by Rooftop Film Club, which sounds like a University, the researchers believe that “…this research shows just how important the perfect dating profile picture is to Brits looking for love.”


The data above presents a problem. Not in that it confirms our predispositions, but because the numbers don’t add up. The percentages above mean that 165% of Britons surveyed returned aforesaid data. Unless, of course, they chose numerous options, which would mean the United Kingdom is suffering a population crisis of gargantuan levels.

Perhaps we should be talking about #Sexit instead.


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