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Ben Fewtrell knows a thing or two about getting a business off the ground. It’s why he and his partner founded MaxMyProfit, a game-changing enterprise that builds the businesses that truly matter. Yours.



Hi Ben! Can you please tell our audience about your background and how you became the Managing Partner of MaxMyProfit?

Having built several businesses from scratch, I know a thing or two about getting a business off the ground. Which is why my business partner and I founded MaxMyProfit and created the Business Exceleration™ Blueprint. Our programs have helped many business owners over the years help build the business they imaged.

I started my first business when I was only 18, which I built to be a multi-million-dollar business with 64 trucks on the road in just 4 years.

But I was working ridiculously long hours and not making any money. Which is why when I turned 28, I knew there was a better way.

This is when I started a Business Coaching company. I merged with another Business Coach, David Carlin, who was building a team of coaches at the time. He is good at doing things that I am not good at, which is why the partnership works.

So here I am, Managing Partner at MaxMyProfit, helping other businesses write their success stories and helping build businesses they imagined.


What is the one thing you wish clients would understand about MaxMyProfit the first time they may connect with you?

The one thing we want clients to understand when they come on board a Business Exceleration Program is that there is no quick fix.

Many Business Coaches promise to 10x businesses and grow sales at a quick rate. But growing too quickly is not safe or sustainable and the business may suffer in the long run. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


What has been the toughest obstacle for MaxMyProfit and how did you tackle it?

When we first started the business, we grew too quick too fast. We did not have the cash flow to support it. The business struggled for a little while.

We came up with a plan to tackle this by scaling down to scale back up.


What would be your main piece of advice for aspiring business owners? 

To be a successful business owner, you need to have a clear vision and clear goals. Focus – don’t get distracted by external factors.

Build a great team to surround you and help you on your journey.

Lastly, create and stick to your 90-day plan.


To learn more or apply for the $17,000 business coaching package, please visit MaxMyProfit today!

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