Emily Wilcox is making a difference in the world of American fintech. As she explains, its a question of culture as well as opportunity.



Rising through the ranks of the crowded and male-dominated world of finance and technology, financial services firm Practifi’s COO Emily Wilcox recently spoke with Eric Dye on EPN (the Enterprise Podcast Network) about her emerging role within the field, how fintech is developing and what the future holds for CRMs and women in the financial services sector.

Speaking from Chicago, where she now calls home, Emily was asked by Eric if she had any advice to other young women who want to get into the tech industry or the financial advice industry.

Emily’s answer was simple, as her advice is grounded in her own positive experiences.

“I’m extremely fortunate in that I’m quite young and a female in the finance and tech industries, which are somewhat cursed with the stigma of being somewhat male-dominated, and although this may be true in many cases, if you look, there are strong and driven women everywhere,” she said.

She has found a highly supportive network and workplace environment at Practifi, thanks in no small part to the positive influence of co-founders Glenn Elliott and Adrian Johnstone.

“You can always find incredible role models in any industry you’re wanting to dive into,” Emily said.

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“There are – in my case, anyway – many men in leadership who are willing to get right behind you and are willing you to succeed. Glenn and Adrian, the two co-founders of Practifi, have always been in my corner, pushing me forward, helping me develop my skills and my career.”

Hers is a unique and fortunate position, but a supportive environment isn’t going to be the magic solution to success: To Emily, there remains the simple notion of ambition, drive, and having the willingness to try without the hesitancy that comes from a fear of failure.

“Honestly, I think the best advice I’ve received- and I share it whenever I can- is that you just have to know what you’re capable of, to be bold, to jump in feet-first.

“It’s always much better to ask for forgiveness than permission, I’d say.”

To hear the interview in full, visit https://epodcastnetwork.com/emily-wilcox-the-australian-coo-disrupting-the-american-fintech-space.

To find out more about Practifi, visit www.practifi.com.


Practifi ensures financial advice firms can realise their full growth potential while revolutionising financial services technology the world over. As a cloud-based business management platform, Practifi manages clients, partners, providers and centres-of-influence through a clean, intuitive interface. It’s the new benchmark for CRM-based systems in financial advice. With offices in Sydney and Chicago, and loyal clients across APAC, Europe and North America, Practifi is passionate about partnering with advisors, providing the tools required to lead the financial advisory firm of the future.


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