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Wife falls off cliff, internet turns her into a meme

Daily Dot

After one YouTuber uploaded (and analysed) his wife’s tumble for clicks, the internet responded the only way it knows how.



The problem with the internet (other than everything), is its tendency to elevate the pointlessly awful, and immortalise it in the amber of memedom. For reasons unknown (other than click-through rate and impressions), it has birthed the “cliff wife” movement, after one user documented that time his wife fell off a cliff, later replaying the footage to said wife (and friends) and recording that footage, to author some sort of almost-morbid reaction video.

User Shaun McBride (who goes by Shonduras on YouTube) filmed the moment his wife Jenny McBride fell down a cliff. In reaction to the clip, Jenny said that “I remember turning and trying to grab … grab anything because I literally thought I was gonna die…it just changes your perspective, like even the littlest things shouldn’t bother you cause you never know. Life could change in a split second.”

Shamefully, the video lasts a pissing twenty minutes, making it the Titanic sinking of spousal clickbait.

Here’s the thing, clearly Shonduras knows good content, but the entirety of the situation is a fairly accurate representation of meme culture. This becomes particularly prescient when one notes the height of said cliff aforesaid wife fell down. Clearly, the attempt is to milk a scraped knee all the way to the YouTube bank. Shonduras originally uploaded the video via Tweet with the saccharine footnote: “i watched my wife fall off a cliff… you’re whole world can change in a matter of seconds. mine almost did. a good reminder to be grateful for every moment of it. the good and the bad. the happy and the sad. because you’re here.”



I’m no geologist/influencer, but I don’t believe a fall of three feet should constitute a twenty-minute analysis. The tagline for the clip states that this moment was “a very real reminder why we make everyday the BEST DAY EVER!,” which is certainly true, as birthing a meme on the basis of a minor tumble (and the empathetic echo-chamber wobbling of the bloodline afterwards) gives the statement an unintended extra definition, but at least we’ll have something for the end of the year, when clickbait publications (like us) cobble together a ‘best of’ list of nonsense addressing the year just gone.



Much like the ground that provoked a wife’s fall, so is the lifespan of a meme – perishable, eroding, fleeting. Enjoy it while it lasts.






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