Back off hose: Sydney facing serious water restrictions from next week

The Harbour City’s big dry continues, forcing Sydney Water to enforce serious restrictions. This is what you can and cannot do from June 1.



On the same day that the Morrison government announced its ‘war on plastic’, Sydney Water has announced that the capacity in their dams are at low not seen since the 1940s.

Thusly, they’ve enforced serious water restrictions. As 75% of their output goes to residential addresses, Sydney Water has announced that the (now previously voluntary) Water Wise Rules will now be canon, as all garden hoses will be required to have a trigger nozzle or a similar accoutrement that curtails any unintended overflow.

Effective immediately, lawns and gardens should not be watered between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, and sprinklers and watering systems are now verboten, save for the automatic variety that limits usage based on weather factors. Similarly, the hosing of one’s driveway/path is now not on.

In plain English, use not the hose yest ye be subject to a knock on the door.

With good reason, as the below graph indicates, despite measures to curtail our water use, Sydney Water is hamstrung by a dipping catchment.


Source: Sydney Water

These restrictions are now canon, despite the fact that our Desalination Plant ramps up towards full capacity, which is currently producing about 850 million litres a week. To put that in the larger scheme of things, that plant will supply 15% of our water needs.

If Mr Morrison is looking for a big ticket environmental crisis to subvert, perhaps he should look at the arid contours of his own backyard.


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