Addressing his own party, Bill Shorten has blamed the cash-heavy “corporate leviathans” for the election result that went against him.



Bill Shorten has stepped back under the burning glare of our attention for the first time since the election, taking others to task for the loss, namely corporate Australia.

Shorten castigated those figures for “telling lies and spreading fear”, telling his massed colleagues that “rather than commentators’ snap judgements, or hindsight masquerading as insight, it is important that we take our time to reflect.”



Soon thereafter, Shorten added a qualifier, stating that “obviously we were up against corporate leviathans…spending unprecedented hundreds of millions of dollars advertising, telling lies, spreading fear…powerful vested interests campaigned against us, through sections of the media itself. And they got what they wanted.”

Shorten will remain on Anthony Albanese’s frontbench, publically endorsing his longtime rival, redoubling his efforts to defeat the same antagonist that he sees as the problem. “I understand that neither of these challenges disappeared on election night. They’re still out there for us to face. It is important we face them with courage and honesty, with principle, and unity,” he said.


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